It’s no secret that gamers are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their performance and get the advantage over their competition.One of the best investment your can make to improve your gaming comfort and performance is to find the best gaming mouse for your play style. What’s a gaming mouse? Typically, a “gaming mouse” is set apart from a “regular mouse” by these features:
Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O. 7- Greater Sensitivity (DPI)- Programmable buttons

- Improved Esthetics

- Customizable Features

Key Factors To Consider


1) The type of games you prefer playing.(mmo, FPS, RTS etc…)

MMO or MMORPG gamersIn general, MMO or MMORPG gamers want more customized buttons for all their spells and abilities. Also, adjustable features for maximum comfort during those long hours of playing.Logitech G600
FPS and RTS gamersIncreased Sensitivity (DPI) and adjustable sensitivity is very important for serious FPS Player.  High DPI for those quick maneuvers and low DPI for precise sniper aiming.m65_white_table


2) Claw grip or a Palm grip.

Palm-gripThe most commonly used method to hold a computer mouse is what is known as the “palm grip”. This method involves the user placing his entire hand onto the top of the mouse, resting his palm and the pit of his hand on the rear of the mouses shell.The mouse is held and controlled by the user pinching his hand together to hold the mouse between his thumb, the heel of his palm and his ring or pinkie fingers. The index and middle fingers are placed fully on the left and right mouse buttons respectively. A slight variation of the palm grip style is where the pinkie finger is used as the right side stabilizer to hold the mouse, with the index, middle and ring fingers placed on the left button, scroll wheel and right button respectively. The palm grip is defined by the fact that the entire surface of the users fingers and palm make contact with the surface of the mouse and the contact points on the mouse are large and undefined.
Claw-gripThe “claw grip” is characterized by the arching fingers required to hold the mouse and press each mouse button. The formation of the users fingers and the retracted stance of the hand over the mouse make this grip vaguely resemble the claw of a bird, which is where the style draws its name.The mouse is held and controlled by the tips of the users index and ring or pinkie fingers and stabilized by the pit of the users hand so the mouse does not sway when it is lifted.


3) Do you prefer a larger mouse, or a smaller one

Depending on the size of your hand, you might prefer a larger or smaller type mouse.  Its important to choose a mouse that will fit your hand properly to reduce fatigue and maximum comfort.

 These are the main factors you should consider before choosing your gaming mouse. Visit our Gaming Mice Selection page for a complete list of technical specs and reviews for over 100 diferent gaming mice.

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Quick Top Mice Compare Table

Gaming Mice
Battery Life
Sensor Type

Razer Deathadder

56400NoN/AOptical127mm (L)
70mm (W)
44mm (H)

Razer Abyssus

33500NoN/AInfrared115 mm(L)
63 mm (W)
40 mm (H)

Razer Ouroboros

118200Yes12hrLaser/Optical122 mm to 137 mm (L)
71 mm (W)
42 mm (H)

Corsair Vengeance M65

+1 Sniper Button
Logitech G700

Logitech G700

135700Yes10.5hrLaser129mm (L)
84mm (W)
47mm (H)


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