The best Gaming mouse under 20$

October 14, 2013 in Reviews by admin


Ok, for under 20$ it doesn’t get any better than this one! If you’re on a tight budget or you’re not sure if you would even like a gaming mouse the ProHt is what you’re looking for. Priced at only 15.99$ last time i checked on amazon. It seems to be in very hight demand and is often “out of stock” but if you’re lucky they might still have some available when you read this post.

You can witch weapons, toss a fireball, and order your squad to attack with no moving of your cursor! You can rapidly and simply customize your gameplay with seven easy-to-attain buttons created for your macros and hotkeys. These buttons have been uniquely placed for higher-intensity gaming sessions, so when a split second tends to make all the distinction you can be the quickest on the draw, dodge, or dunk!

Appreciate a greater level of seamless precision when taking aim in your preferred shooter with a mouse that boasts up to 2000 DPI. Sick and tired of the cursor on your stock mouse jumping about, even when your sensitivity is turned way down? Invest in a device constructed for gaming on higher resolution monitors you are going to undoubtedly notice the difference the next time you line up that headshot, choose your units, or throw that touchdown pass!

This mouse’s ergonomic profile has been created with serious gamers and extended gaming sessions in mind. The sleek, sculpted shape is straightforward to grip and comfy to use. Plug-n-play functionality implies no fuss with installing or updating drivers merely plug the mouse into a free USB port and get into the game!


  • Mouse’s ergonomic shape made and constructed for precision gaming Consists of LCD Cloth and Accessory Bag
  • Simply adjust your DPI setting on the fly pick from 800, 1200, 1600, and 2000 DPI modes
  • 7 easy-to-reach buttons ideal for mapping your hotkeys and macros
  • Sleek and fashionable black colour compliments any gaming rig or notebook personal computer
  • No drivers or computer software needed
  • Universal plug and play functionality for convenience!

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